Meaning Tattoo Viper

Meaning Tattoo Viper

viper tattoo symbolize power, both natural and supernatural, fertility, rebirth and wisdom. In the West, in particular, the snake represents temptation and female sexual power. The tattoos are often used as a snake image along with the image of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. One of the distinguishing features of the tattoos of snakes, making them so popular is their ability to be combined with other images, as well as the ease with which the tattoo artist may use a fluid and dynamic forms of snakes, to emphasize the aesthetic lines of the human body.

No less sexy tattoos are snakes entwine around the arm, thigh or arm. For this reason, the snakes are popular among both men and women.

Tattoo snakes carry both positive and negative symbolism. For some people they are a symbol of fertility, for others – a symbol of the underworld. Snakes are both deadly assassins and healers recognized. A large number of different values ​​of snake tattoos is because of the huge number of mysterious mythological stories that surround them. If you depart from the mythology and focus on what this creature, the snake – a symbol of strength, and deeply respected for their power, and potentially deadly snake grace.

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