Meaning of tattoos on the body

Man has always been characteristic of the desire for beauty, this beautiful tattoo will never remain without attention from people of different generations, genders and ages. And it was seen primarily as an original body decoration

The tattoo on the body – this is primarily a way of self-expression, a way to emphasize their individuality and originality. But in addition to funds decoration in ancient tattoo as a symbolic image used for the hidden images and sacred meanings. The most striking example of this is the famous Celtic tattoos, which, apart from their beauty, are of great importance and deep meaning. People symbolically depicted images of his reverence or religious symbols on their skin. The source of characters for tattoos has their mythology.

Choosing a tattoo – always a difficult process. We need to understand what kind of character trait, character or function you want to bring to your tattoo. To solve this problem, and there is our catalog for different values of tattoos:

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