Photos and kinds of body piercing

Piercing – this is one of the most popular forms of body modification aimed at jewelry through the skin puncture and external bodies.

People make themselves piercings for different reasons. It may be some kind of religious principles, the manifestation of the need for self-expression, a way to show that they belong to a certain culture or vice versa – a protest against it. Also, motives can be aesthetic value or desire to improve sexual pleasure.

Body piercing is the art of decoration and expression, has a long and mysterious history. But in the modern world, it is used in a new interpretation. And developing a piercing is very intense: there are new types of piercings, perfected technology and care for the puncture wound. Tends desire for new and unusual. Piercing becomes part of many musical and other subcultures.

Beautiful piercing is never left unattended photo piercing people need to educate and study topics piercing. After all, before you do, a man needs about the kinds of information, forms and methods of punctures, also a painful procedure, resignation, and piercing prices. Irreplaceable and become pictures, images and video for visual perception and analysis. All of these materials, you can easily find in the categories and sections of our website

Kinds piercing